The Lyceum Theatre is one of the largest and grandest theatres in the West End, with a capacity of 2,100 across three levels of seating.Refurbished in 1996, the Lyceum ensures good views throughout the auditorium, which include plush seats and decent legroom. Seats in the auditorium are split across the Stalls, the vast Royal Circle and the Grand Circle.


The Lyceum Theatre Stalls host some of the best views in the house. Due to the interactive nature of The Lion King, particularly the opening number “Circle of Life”, seats in the Stalls are often the most popular choice for families. Excellent views can be found in the centre of the Stalls, especially in seats 6-17 in Row A and 14-31 in Row R. Legroom is average, and it is recommended that those who need additional legroom sit in an aisle seat for their own comfort. You can guarantee that you will feel fully involved in the show if sitting in the Stalls!

Royal Circle

The Royal Circle is the second tier up from the Stalls and offers excellent, unrestricted views of the stage. This is often a good option for children who will probably have a better view of the whole stage from here, rather than the Stalls. Seats with the best view, legroom and comfort can be found in 11-27 of rows A-E, which is often reflected in the premium price. Bargain seats can be found towards the rear of this section, where the views are still very good. From here you can also see the musicians in the boxes!

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is the highest level in the theatre, and offers great views for a reduced price. Due to the steep rake, this section may not be suitable for those with a fear of heights and due to the safety railings, there can be some restrictions. The best views can be found two or three rows from the front, in seats 16-32 of rows B-D. Be aware that the legroom in this sections is very limited in comparison with other sections, and those that need room should sit in aisle seats.

Share Your Seating Tips

Where did you sit when you visited the Lyceum Theatre? Did you have a fantastic view or would you have preferred to sit somewhere else? Let other readers know your tips on seating by commenting below.


  1. Great seating plan, last time we sat on V row and it was surprisingly a great view. We were worried at first we wouldn’t have a good view. We are currently undergoing construction in our theatre room and looking at theatre seating – we hope ours will be as much as a delight!

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